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Pamela Caravas, an entrepreneur since the age of 22, has learnt a thing or two about human nature, business and corporate operations, branding and communication. She usually trains others to become professional coaches, but this time, her entrepreneurial brilliance is brought out in this Masterclass to help others walk the path less tread on.

Let's learn a bit more about her work

Coaching and business is in Pamela's DNA. She started her first business at the age of 22 with the gift of the natural-born teacher. Her story includes success, failure, success, failure, success. All for different reasons and with different strategies. 

In 2007 she trained to become a "life coach". Not the best environment to be in, she soon realised, with life coaches not knowing what to sell, how to sell it and how to be ethical. In 2009 she set up her first coaching business now known globally as Coaching Evolution Int'l.

She started carving her own path and this led to research and a presentation on detecting lies during a coaching session at the Institute of Coaching/ Harvard Medical School Conference in 2018, a collaboration with the United Nations System Staff College in 2019 on negotiation skills, further coaching assignments for the United Nations (UNDP) via the Dutch company eCoachPro in 2020 and continuous work with former FBI agents on how profiling and interviewing techniques can be adapted for coaching.

Prior to that, she was the first coach in Greece (2013) to help young entrepreneurs and start-ups at the Orange Grove, an initiative of the Dutch Embassy in Greece.

29 years experience in teaching

 Pamela started teaching English as a second language at the age of 18. Even when she became a coach, her business expanded through her coach training academy where she trains professional coaches

25 years lived and enjoyed as an entrepreneur

After teaching for 5 years, Pamela decided it was time to set up her own language school. A risky decision that taught her numerous lessons on business failures and success. She also became and expert in branding, marketing and communicating her brand to the public and social media

12 years experience as a coach

In 2009 Pamela entered the coaching world only to decide that it was not enough. She has raised the standards and her coaching methodology is based on the Sherlock Holmes way of thinking, FBI interviewing skills and mathematics.

10 years experience in skills training

Her extensive experience in teaching naturally led to Pamela becoming and expert in manipulating and utilising language for influence and negotiations. She travelled the world training the corporate world in negotiations, crisis management, public speaking and team working
personal branding project

Here is what makes Pamela stand out

Presentation of her research paper at the Harvard Medical School / Institute of Coaching
Leadership Conference in Boston, 2018

Title of paper:
Detecting lies in coaching sessions and modifying coach language to reach positive outcomes

United Nations System Staff College

Collaborator for the UNELE (United Nations Emerging Leaders Experience) 2019 on Negotiation Skills. An amazing experience at the beautiful UNSSC campus in Torino, Italy

United Nations Development Program

Coaching via the eCoachPro collaboration to women on their career and personal branding on the UNDP SPARK programme 2020

Presenter at the Annual European Mentoring and Coaching Council  Conferences

Focus of recent presentation:
Profiling as a tool for Diversity & Inclusion. We are used to the "profiling" term in relation with the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit. Pamela worked on adapting it to the coaching context.

Training in Interviewing techniques by former FBI agents

Coaching, for Pamela, can learn a lot in the art of questioning from experts who extract the tiniest details from others. She has adapted the interviewing techniques to fit the coaching context

Coach at the Dutch Embassy's initiative for entrepreneurs

The former Dutch Ambassador in Greece set up the initiative, Orange Grove, for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Pamela coached them on all issues from 2013 - 2016. Here with the f. Ambassador, Jan Versteeg.
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